Seica started in 1986 as a “test house” specialized in the development of complex functional test programs mainly for customers in the avionic and telecom industries. The successful development of this business led to the next step for the company, the development of a own line of test systems. In 1990 Seica started development of the first in-circuit  test system, based on a modular, building block concept, which was a radical approach. The advantage of this new approach was agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness.  The hardware and software platform which resulted from this development became the basis for the first in-circuit bed-of-nails tester.

In 1994 Seica grew the platform even more adding an innovative mechatronical dimension which enabled, in 1995, to present the first flying probe system in the world with true in-circuit capability. Seica have continued to develop new technology, but our VIP platform of today is based on the same modular concept.

The flexibility of the approach has also proven key, the intrinsically open hardware and software architecture of the platform has enabled  to easily integrate third party software and/or hardware modules which have become widely adopted as standard by customers in specific industries such as automotive and avionic electronics, and it has also enabled Seica to become a leader in legacy replacement solutions for obsolete ATE.

Seica  was born as an “international” company, right from the beginning several customers were located in different European companies and the company had a close working relationship first with Computer Automation, then Genrad and Teradyne, in the U.S.
As customer base has grown in different areas, Seica has opened local offices to offer direct support to them and sales force: the first two, Seica France  and Seica Inc. were opened in 2000, the third was opened in 2004 in Suzhou, China and the latest in 2008 in Germany.


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