It is now three decades since Seica’s Flying probe platform was introduced. Seica has fully embraced the concept of Industry 4.0 developing solutions now also promoted by Canavisia to monitor and co
The new FlyPOD option by Seica allows to connect multiple hardware resources to a mini fixture which is installed directly on one of the flying probes . The complexity and miniaturization of electron
The latest fixtureless technology available for even the most challenging Probe Cards The wafer fabrication is a sequential process that gradually creates the electronic circuit. By simplifying, duri
Following the boost to energy saving and the improved design technology, the LED type components replaced almost any other light source. LED modules can be found in any market sector, starting from A
Starting with the basics and the mechanical designs associated with probe cards and their construction, the very first constraint a user may notice is the size of the cards themselves. Traditional fl
In collaboration wih Smarteam, Seica will attend the Productronica 2021 with products that represent the highest level of technology applied to testing of electronic boards and components. In booth?E