All systems Seica have the same testing hardware platform and the same software management, VIP Platform (Viva Integrated Platform) and VIVA Software.
Using Viva software the user is guided through a series of automated operations in an intuitive, self-explanatory environment, drastically reducing programming time and minimizing errors and omissions, ensuring the quality of the final test program. For special applications, the extremely open architecture of the VIP platform enables easy integration of external software modules and/or hardware, such as via RS232, USB ports, GPIB and PXI/VXI protocols.

Advantages of a unique hardware/software platform:

.The combination of different methods into one unique test program for the testing optimisation of very complex products or for the use of test systems for products that have different requirements.
.It is possible to migrate test programs to different systems, passing from prototype testing to high volumes testing without any further program development (for example migration from flying probes to bed of nails systems).
.The systems are completely modular so they can be updated periodically with new performances without becoming obsolete and always guaranteeing a good commercial value.
.The customer can easily manage the systems because after the purchase of the first system the training hours are minimised.
.Enhancement of performances of one particular system that can benefit of the hardware/software updates initially studied for other machines (we must keep in mind Seica’s experience in loaded boards testing transferred to bare board testing and vice versa…)
If required Seica systems may be controlled also by alternative software packages such as LabviewTM, LabWindowsTM/CVI and TestStandTM by National Instruments directly from VIVA Software.