The EV battery manufactures produce many types of battery families from Cylindric to Prismatic and Pouch as well. All of those different battery packs are manufactured by connecting single cells together with a process called bonding where it is mandatory the electrical test to verify the quality of all the bondings.

The PILOT H4 BT  Next> is the perfect balance of flexibility and mid/high volume throughput.

Thanks to the most advanced measurement system available on the market is able to run in parallel mode a multiple micro Ohm test measurement (4 wire test) in a few milliseconds with the benefit of minimizing the time needed to test the full battery module. PILOT H4 BT flexibility makes this system the perfect choise also for R&D department and Repair stations.

Direct measurements on the four flying heads
The system features up to 4 independent test heads driven with synchronous brushless motors (XYZ), to provide a high-level dynamic response. Each one of the four heads features a coax or double probe for the bonding test (4-wire Kelvin test).
Bonding Test
The aim of the tester is to measure one of the most important parameters of the battery: the bonding resistance.

Each head is equipped with:

• One thermally stabilized and insulated resistance meters, which enable the measurement of the bonding resistance of a single battery cell to the common plate. It is possible to discriminate 10 µOhmΩ resistor values with 0.5 µOhmΩresolution and high accuracy.
• A 200 MHz Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for processing the analog measurements to ensure fast and efficient data processing through a 1 Gigabit Ethernet connection with the system PC. PC.
VIVA>NEXT> Software and MES integration Option
Like any other Seica solution, the PILOT H4 BT NEXT> test system, uses the VIVA>NEXT> platform, which provides two authentication methods managed through the Seica proprietary graphic editor MY VIEW:
1. The standard Windows authentication
2. The new ‘VIVA User Authentication’ through which the customer can select the user with different privileges.
Since the customer manages the production and material flow through the MES software, the Seica PILOT H4 BT NEXT> can be connected to the customer MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Through its proprietary Adapter, Seica can integrate all customer MES platforms.
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