The application programs are implemented for the complete range of Seica systems, both bed of nails and flying probers, starting from the CAD data of the Customer board. These programs are developed in accordance with Customer specification, or in partnership with the same Customer: the group is capable of implementing both software and firmware, as well as creating dedicated drivers for possible external instruments. 


With the growing demand for component on-board programming, technician have achieved a relevant know-how and expertise in the industry, using either OBP modules by Seica, continuously evolving, or standard off-the-shelf programmers. The application can be delivered as turnkey solutions completed with fixture, customizations, required hardware and the application program. The installation can be performed by Seica staff or by the client directly, with phone support available, also remotely (via LAN). Depending on the Customer needs, it is possible to deliver the fixture, or the application program only.