Consolidated experience in testing automotive electronics: Body controllers Instrument clusters Infotainment and Telematics systems Lighting controllers LED lights testing

Full coverage of automotive production line needs

Full range of test solutions, starting from basic in-circuit to the most advanced and complex functional test solutions without compromising their efforts in cost reduction and increased flexibility.

In-circuit: an easy programming procedure and intuitive interface makes it easy to generate a fully comprehensive test program. The flexibility of the VIVA software allows easy portability between systems even if the configurations are completely different (eg. flying probe and standard bed of nails).

On-Board Programming (OBP): can be included in any Compact Series system, with respect to fixture-level integration, offers important advantages in terms of operating costs, speed and ease of use ensured by the dedicated SW management environment.

Functional Test: has always been a major focus in Seica, application in the automotive environment includes all of the options required to validate the product before it is assembled into its final mechanical housing.

Burn-in test: final step in product validation is the possibility to test it under the stress in real working condition. Seica can support its customers by managing the implementation of the required interaction with the UUT.

End-Of-Line: satisfies the need for a final validation at the end of the complete production process, within the constraints on interaction with the device, due to limited accessibility.