Test Program Sets (TPS) Design and Development Long-term project support Legacy Replacement Reverse Engineering

Seica has always dedicated particular attention to the defense sector, and has structured a dedicated division named Military Aerospace Solutions (MAS), to better meet the typical needs of this market.

Although mil-aero customers utilize the same techniques used in commercial applications, their test requirements are typically more stringent, and span over a larger spread of technology and a longer time of use. (Valid Line)

Starting from its first in-circuit test systems developed for electronic board manufacturing environments in the civilian sector, over the years Seica has engineered and manufactured innovative and technologically advanced solutions to meet the specific requirements of the military and aerospace industry, where high quality standards, reliability and long-term support are critical.

Turnkey solutions
Seica started out as a “test house”, developing “third level” (board level) test programs for both digital and analog boards, on functional test systems manufactured by Computer Automation (Marathon and Ironman), many of which were relative to major European avionic projects of the time. This experience was expanded to include the development of dozens of “second level” TPS (Test program Sets), relative to other international avionic programs, both on the UNIX and Windows platforms in the C-ATLAS 716/89 language.
In 2002 the standard Seica hardware/software platform was chosen for third level testing in the European avionics sector, and Seica began building customer-specified second level test equipment (STTE).
For problems related to test system obsolescence, Seica offers a series of legacy replacement solutions which enable the migration of second and third levels TPS developed on obsolete systems to the SEICA platform. These solutions are possible thanks to the open architecture intrinsic to Seica systems and, more importantly, to the know how acquired during more than twenty years specialization in functional test, which has enable Seica to create the specific software tools necessary for the automatic translation of test programs generated on other systems.