The industry of transport means features an essential requirement… to extend the vehicles lifespan

With respect to other industries where electronics has changed both design and products, the industry of transport means features an essential requirement, that is, to extend the vehicles lifespan, despite the outdated technologies: think of the average lifecycle of a plane, of a train or helicopter, which definitely exceeds that of the electronic board installed.

In order to meet the requirements of “long-term usability” of products in transport industry, Seica has developed specific test solutions oriented to repair of faulty electronic boards coming from the field, absolutely unique in the world, with possibility to repair board and equipments even in lack of profound knowledge of products, up to the reverse engineering of the same, for documentation and testing purposes in lack of native documentation.

To date, there are multiple flying-probe test solutions installed at airlines, railway companies, global airplane and train manufacturers, where the issue of testing for repair of faulty electronic boards (and not to assess the correct operation of new electronic boards) was once again brilliantly solved by Seica thanks to the Pilot 4D line, which provides the opportunity to quickly and accurately detect the fault of an electronic board coming back from field, enabling repair and redistribution with considerable cost-saving both in terms of time and money.

Also the PTE-100 tester, an intelligent break-out box belonging to the Valid Line of functional testers, has contributed to enhance the Seica offer dedicated to transport industry, making available for the in-field repairer a complete and compact equipment for first-level diagnostics of failures on airplanes, gathering all the required know-how, regardless of the expertise of the technician.